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Our Business

India Pharmaceuticals

Our India formulation business in Prescription Marketing is driven by a Strong and dedicated team of 2 divisions covering multiple specialty segments.

Licensing - R&D

Our Apinova division specializes and focuses on In-Licensing of Innovative Health Ingredients from USA & Europe and Out-Licensing of finished Formulation to leading Pharmaceutical


Our Exports division focuses on export of Pharmaceuticals,
Herbal formulations,Exclusive In-Licensed formulations

India Nutraceuticals

Trexgen’s new division of Trexgenics is a frontline division to cater the growing demand of health supplements. Each formulation is developed through extensive R&D

Our Products

  • Nurofolyx
  • Menostop
  • Flex-180
  • Normal-28
  • Jolyfeelplus
  • Lactance

  • Jointrex Forte
  • Ovahope
  • Nopore Total
  • MV99
  • Trexcal-K2
  • Hepa99_pro

Trexgen Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
1107, Matrix, Near Divya Bhaskar,
Corporate road,
Prahladnagar - 380015 Ahmedabad,
Gujarat (INDIA)
Phone: +91 (79) 4008 4428
Email: info@trexgen.com